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Vivien Boyibanga
Kind Entrepreneur
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Our formulas are available to help you with funnels, online business coaching, payment integrations, copywriting, email sequences, Shopify online stores and connections between online tools(Zapier).
Strategy + Implementation of an unlimited number of funnels
  •  Content of the Bronze and Silver packages
  •  Continuous strategy improvement 
  •  Continuous optimization of funnels
  •  Optimization of the value provided and results
Strategy + Implementation of 1  funnel
  •  Content of Bronze package 
  •  Creation of any type of Funnel (Sales Funnel, Webinar, Member Space and more)
  •  Email sequences
  •  Copywriting
  •  Tools integration (Payment, autoresponder and more)
  •  Funnel Design
  •  JS/CSS custom coding 
Funnel Strategy
  •  Creation of an unique value proposition
  •  Definition of an action plan
Business Coaching
  •  Online business strategy proposal
  •  Technical configuration
  •  Funnels building
  •  Domains setting up
Integration of payment methods
  •  Payment tools configuration (Stripe, Paypal)
  •  Integration of payment element with your pages
E-mail configuration
  •  Auto responder configuration
  •  Definition of email sequences
  •  Content creation for your pages
  •  Content creation for your emails
  •  Content creation for your products / services
Online store configuration (Shopify)
  •  Online store configuration
  •  Themes configuration
  •  Products integration with your funnels
Zapier integration
  •  Zapier integrations between your tools
Why choose us?

Clickfunnels Certified Partners

I am a Certified Clickfunnels consultant working on many tools like Clickfunnels and others to help you develop your projects with a funnel. My edge as a certified consultant is to have a priority and permanent contact with the best entrepreneurs in the world to always be aware of the best strategies of the market.

Integrity, relationships and long-term results

Many entrepreneurs, freelancers or projects fail on the web either for lack of knowledge of the good strategies, or by associating with a person who does not share the same values or by wanting to take shortcuts to have superficial results in the short term. I believe in building long-term results that build healthy and honest relationships with my clients.

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